matthew lee biografia



Matthew Lee , born in Pesaro, Italy.                                                  

From early age he fell in love with Rock ’n’ Roll Music thanks to his father’s records, which introduced him to Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.                                                                   

Demonstrating talent and innate love for music, he decided to attend the prestigious G. Rossini conservatory in Pesaro, from which he was, however, expelled after almost 9 years, for incompatibility of his "exuberant" style with classical studies.      

But it is precisely his style defined as "exuberant" that becomes his stylistic signature and his future fortune.                            

Matthew begins very young to perform live, and his live career grows rapidly: he plays first in Italy, but soon begins to perform all over Europe.                                                                                       

After his first success in England, where he opened  live concerts of artists like  Van Morrison and Tom Jones, and participated at  numerous Festivals playing before the likes of, the English press calls him "The Genius of Rock’n'Roll".                                                      

In 2010, after graduating in Law from the University of Urbino, he debuted in the United States at the "Cincinnati Blues Festival" alongside big names in American blues.                                                               Since then, he has performed regularly in Europe as well as in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China and Africa.                                                                     

In 2015 he released the album "D'altri Tempi", published by the historic Milanese label “Carosello Records” and he won the Coca Cola Summer Festival with the single "È tempo d'altri tempi" and from that moment the press called him "the new Italian phenomenon of rock'n'roll".                          

On social medias he has a great following, and his piano improvisations are now famous in airports and stations all over the world, so much so that Brussels airport has appointed him Ambassador of Charleroi airport, where he often stops during his trips abroad.                                                                           

At the end of 2020 he released the album "Rock & Love" for the prestigious Decca Records (Universal).                                                                                  

Matthew has seven published albums at the moment, and  keeps touring with his band, and already has  multiple dates scheduled in France, Switzerland, USA, Dubai, as well as in Italy.