matthew lee biografia

Defined by the press as "The Extraordinary Performer", Matthew is a pianist, a singer and a lover of Rock'n'Roll. He is self-taught from the great masters of the genre and has boundless talent; as well as considered a "Phenomenon of the 88 Keys".

He has already performed at more than 1200 concerts all around the world.

As a child he studied piano at the ‘G. Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro’, where he was noticed and respected for the eighth year due to his compatibility and ‘exuberant’ style with the classical studies. Moreover, his approach to Rock'n'Roll was inspired by his father's (musician) records of Elvis Presley.

His dynamic career has continued to grow rapidly and from an early age he began to play in prestigious and famous Italian clubs. After maturing and developing his unique style in Italy he began to expand his career throughout Europe; with concerts in England, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Belgium.

But 2009 was the year of his consecration abroad.

In March he performed for 5 consecutive nights in the historical Parisian Jazz temple- ‘Lionel Hampton Jazz Club’ which has proudly hosted the likes of B.B. King, Lionel Hampton, and Little Richard. In June of the same year he took part in two important blues festivals in the south of England where he simply ‘thrilled’ the public so much that the English press wrote astounding reviews labelling him and his style of performance as: ‘the genius of Rock'n'Roll’.

In the following year, he had a beckoning from abroad.

Matthew Lee was invited to make his debut in the United States, putting his name on the bill at ‘Cincinnati Blues Festival’ alongside the greatest American blues artists.

In 2013 during a concert in Milan he was offered an opportunity that has been fundamental for his career. Matthew was noticed by a well-known businessman from Italy, who was really impressed by his talent; he decided to offer to produce his music, where an intense creative writing movement began; alongside songwriters and great producers like Luca Chiaravalli, Claudio Guidetti and T. Mousse (producer and composer of Sex Bomb for Tom Jones and many other famous songs)

In 2014 he published ‘D'Altri Tempi’ under license with the historical label ‘Carosello Records’ which is based in Milan. This immediately inspired great interest among experts who praised Matteo as ‘The new phenomenon of Italian Rock'n'Roll’.

“’Of Other Times' is my first 'real' recording work” -says Matthew Lee – “where I edited every song and every detail together with some of the most important international and Italian producers. It's registered in three different countries (Italy, England and Germany), and it’s a record in which I fully recognize myself and where I can see all sides of my personality: from Rock'n'Roll to blues, to even my more romantic side”.

"The core idea of everything is my plan where I have always kept true to the meaning of the scene in each piece. "

With ‘E 'tempo d'altri tempi’, the first single from the album of Summer 2015, he won the Coca Cola Summer Festival (youth category) where it was also broadcasted in prime time on Channel 5.

His passion and love for music makes it difficult for Matthew to resist temptation to play-wherever he finds a piano- which includes shopping centres, airports, railway or subway stations; so are the opportunities for spontaneous performances that Matthew gives topassers-by with his generosity and a pinch of creative madness.

One such spontaneous performance in Brussels Charleroi airport is note-worthy where his performance was noticed and published by major French and Belgian Web newspapers.

Even the airport management of Charleroi declared him ‘Ambassador of the Airport’.

The medias continue to seek him: first; Gigi Proietti invited him to his most successful transmission in the early evening ‘Cavalli di Battaglia’, then Fiorello asked him to be a guest on Sky and additionally he was asked to be one of the protagonists for the show ‘The Year to Come’, which was broadcasted on Rai1.

Matthew Lee is today considered as one of the leaders in international trends with great appeal, and has re-launched the era of the 50s.

"For me, it does not mean I need to stay anchored in the past, but simply to recover important values that we may risk losing, but my music is refreshed to be current, it is not necessarily something to be felt as a ‘nostalgia’- but something that I hope can be perceived as something new."

In 2020 the new album Rock & Love comes out for DECCA/Universal.

Now Matthew is on tour all over the world with his band.